Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Trailer for Mariposa

I finished up the book trailer for my novel yesterday and I'm going to post it here.  For the interested indie writer type, I had played around with animoto.com, and it was okay.  It's certainly a great starter program to give you a feel for what you could do.  But I was disappointed in how little I could edit it-- I couldn't write more than a few words per slide/image and I couldn't vary length of the pans and/or change the "flash" that happened with teach picture.  I wanted to figure out how to do something different and I knew that there must be some kind of software available on PC that I could use.  I mean, people make them all the time, and not everyone has an Apple PC.  (They are rumored to have one of the easiest, best video editing programs, but I haven't used it.)

So I finally found the simple Windows Movie Maker that's already on my PC.  It's actually pretty easy to use and customize.  I would recommend it for anyone trying to make something like a book trailer if you have good images & a great cover.  You can then get the music at a few sources.  I got mine at audiomicro.com and it wasn't too expensive.  Considering how much it costs to get a book trailer made when you get a pro to do it, the DIY cost is minimal here.  The extra graphics in my video that are not from my cover somehow are from Dreamstime.com.  I bought a subscription plan a while ago and can download 25 pictures a day.  I don't really recommend that for someone doing one video, though, because I'm finding that I am not downloading pictures, and so a lot of those days go to waste.  Just buy a one time something because you don't want too many pictures other than your cover in your video.

Anyway, that's the DIY details.  And here is my gorgeous video, which I am very proud of.

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