Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last tease before the big reveal!

Today, gentle readers, you are in for a real "having stuck with my lame minor teases earlier" treat.

Meg.  Oh yeah.  Meg is my primary protagonist.  She is a ghost.  She is murdered in a triple homicide, robbery gone wrong, early in the novel.  Then she has to figure out what she's supposed to do next.  A couple of friendly guide-types let her know she needs to go on a quest, of sorts, and she gets to meet several of San Antonio's most notorious ghosts, before the big climactic EPIC battle with good & evil at the end of the novel.  There is a reason she's holding a butterfly here, but you're just gonna have to read the novel to find out.  November isn't THAT long to wait, is it?

When I told Lawrence about what Meg looked like, I sent him some model sketches.  She has this body type, this hair, this complexion.  She has wise, Athena-like grey eyes.  When I got the artwork back, I didn't realize how much Meg looks like me when I was younger, and/or my daughter when she's older.  I guess authors do that-- they tend to put a little bit of themselves in a novel or two.  At least this is my first one and I can get that out of my system.  In most important, other ways, Meg is not me at all.  Other than the fact that she is a waitress when we first meet her, her character is not even close.

Fun fact: I named her after a sister that I had who died before I was born, whose name was Margaret. My family called her Peggy, instead of Meg, but I honestly can say that if I have a guardian angel in my life, I've always imagined it was her.  She seems to do best with things like grabbing a kid right before they fall to serious injury and turning it into just a mild bruise & scare.  It's a small touch to put her in my book, but I liked doing it.  Maybe Meg is what Peggy would have looked like if she'd gotten to grow up.  That's a warm, fuzzy thought. Maybe when we die, even if we die younger than this, we get to be our ideal, perfect selves when we are a ghost.  Well.  Except for the creepy ones.  But perhaps those creepy, scary, ugly ghosts are acting out THEIR perfect, what they truly are, selves too. Some people's inner selves are NOT pretty.  They are vengeful, angry, filled with blood and insanity.  And they are gonna grab you and.... well.  Ghosts, you know?  Unpredictable.  One minute you're minding your own business, next thing you're up to your elbows in ectoplasm.

A little bit of ghost philosophy for your morning.

One perk to knowing a writer is they might put you in their book.  That, of course, is also a danger.  Don't make us mad, cause you might end up the bad guy, too. There are certain elements of the bad guy that certain guys I've dated might recognize, actually, as traits they shared.  Mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa.   The power.  The infinite power.

But enough with the talky-talk.  Let's get to our final cover tease-peek.

Meg Murray, the Mariposa spirit.  In person.  About to kick some bad-guy behind.  Will she win the battle? Will she figure out what she needs to know?  Will love conquer death itself?   Maybe.  Just maybe.


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