Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mark Twain contest

It was very short notice so I grabbed a short story that I had written a while ago to enter, but I entered the Mark Twain Royal Nonesuch contest yesterday.  I doubt my little story will win but it was worth a shot and stranger things have happened.  If I had seen the entry info sooner, I might have been able to write something especially for the contest.  I don't really do outright humor writing, normally, but I often have a sort of twisty sense of humor within the story.

I once wrote a story about a girl who was driving a secluded road and hit a deer.  While she was sitting there, in despair (this was before cell phones, by the way, so she had no way to contact help) in the fog, this car full of dudes dressed in KKK outfits came riding up to the rescue.  Her choices were limited, and she was kind of trapped.  What would YOU do? That "Flannery O'Connor" sort of twist went over pretty well in my creative writing course at the time.  Hmmm.  I wonder if I have that story squirreled away somewhere.

Life was different, gentle reader, before the Internet & computers saved everything for us.

Anyway.  Today's work schedule includes more research on proper promotion of my novel when it gets back from beta readers & the developmental editor.  I have a few feelers out with questions, but I am a little bit stuck with "what to do."  So perhaps I will try to get started writing the new novel.  I wish I knew the title, but I never do come up with those until later in the game.  Right now it's called "The Midwife novel" because, well, one of the characters in it is a midwife who is later accused of being a witch.  Here's the  Pinterest folder for the research, should you be so inclined to check it out.  And this is one of the pins, which captures a character's vibe quite nicely:

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