Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Indie Book of the Day Award (belated note!)

So while I was on my big trip to Chicago (call it Kim Wells' Day Off, minus the Danke Schein parade) I received notice that Mariposa had won an Indie Book of the Day award for June 19th!!  It was very exciting and neat and I was so out of the loop for that week and every day since then. Summer here is so crazy! I'm just today getting a moment to think about it and I realized I hadn't said anything about it here!

It goes without saying that I love the book. But I'm glad that other folks appreciate it too! A recent review from Amazon said:

"I loved this book from page 1. Kim Wells creates worlds full of interesting characters, characters that I want to know more about. Her descriptions of San Antonio have made me want to visit the city. Her writing is gripping and vivid, bringing you into the story in an intimate experience. Highly recommended."
I really should contact the San Antonio tourism board about some kind of commission.  If you haven't read it yet, here's a handy dandy link to the Kindle version.