Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Pearls of Wisdom at Texas Public Radio

Well hi there. 

Been a while, hasn't it? I've been hanging around in the Ivory Tower way more than my creative persona (this gets a little weird when we really start thinking about it) so this blog hasn't been updated in waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. 

But here I am today.

And I have news! 

I'm reading on a Texas Public Radio show called "Worth Repeating" in April. April 12, from 7-9 PM, to be specific.

What I'll be reading is a short version of a longer story I'll publish here after the TPR performance (don't wanna spoil it for anyone) about my big sister, Judy, and the day I watched her take her last breaths. It's not quite as sad as it sounds but it's definitely a source of a tiny pearl of wisdom from a oyster that I'd rather have not had to try yet. 

If you'd like to go to the Facebook Event for it, click here

Ticket Deets below. 

Tickets are on sale here

There's also a pretty cool video of the previous performances. Ours will be slightly different because the "Quitters" one was meant to be livestreamed and ours will be IN PERSON!!! ::Excited face emoji::

I'm hoping this is the first of a lot more of these kinds of events now that 1. I have a job that allows me to have actual time to do creative stuff & encourages it 2. Covid has finally started to behave itself (she said, very quietly, so as to not let the gods of all chaotic tiny things hear). 

If you feel like it, even if you aren't attending, go click on the "Like" buttons on the FB and other link because it will increase the visibility. 

Watch this space for more. :) 

Oh, yeah, and there's hopefully going to be more at my FB writer page, too: