Thursday, May 1, 2014

What Dreams May Come

So this morning, right before waking up (so this is why I remember) I was having the most fun dream!

We lived in this world where at least some of the streets were canals, and something bad had just been ended/defeated/ overcome.  Everyone was celebrating!  We hung out a little bit in this great cheeseburger place, then went out into the (canal, water-filled) streets.  There were all these cool flat rocks covered in art-glass mosaics, and also flat mineral crystals that you could float on and stand on which sort of clustered near the buildings and floated around.  Almost like a hitching stand or something, tied to the buildings while the owners were inside, perhaps?  The water was dark because it was twilight, but in the daytime it was very green-blue, like the Mediterranean.

Then I was up high, suddenly, doing neat acrobatics/dance stuff over the water.  I was very talented at this skill and did flips and hung upside down at times.  But I got a little tangled up and shimmied down, then I was re-positioning my ropes which were attached to both hands  (and people were watching me as they sat at little colorful umbrella topped bistro-style tables along the canals) and as I was doing so, I looked up into the night sky, which I could see just above and to the front of me.

There was a small line of brownstown buildings and peeking over the top of them, as though it was dancing just on the street behind that row of buildings, was this very tall, starry, dancing Statue of Liberty.  It was green against the dark black backdrop of night, but it was smiling and just filled with bright stars.

At that moment, my alarm went off.  It was such an interesting dream.  I was actually glad to be woken up because I got to tell my daughter about the dream and therefore remembered it.  I meant to write about it earlier today and thankfully, just remembered now to write it down before it fades.

I'll have to think about dream-interpretation.  It just filled me with so much happiness.  I don't know if it could be a story (a short-story about?) but it was just a neat little glimpse into another world.

photo credit:   ©2014