Monday, June 29, 2020

Coming Soon

Well the bad news is that the gig I've been doing for the last four years (teaching at a high school in Texas) is over. I loved teaching there and I learned SO MUCH about a lot of things. It was very much a growth opportunity and I am not at all sad to have done it and to have moved on. 

The good news is: this means I have freed up a ton of time to try to get back to the CREATIVE writing. I looked here today at my sad little creative countdown tickers on the right over there and abandoned so many baby stories because my teaching load was just too heavy to keep up the writing. So I'm going to be revisiting the stories that were in-progress, especially Orpheus and the Butterfly, very, very soon. Now that I figured out my passwords and user names for all my old blogs, here we go. :) 

In the meantime, hope if you're still following along you're having a great summer! I realize that the current 2020 lockdown is not great for most people, but I'm trying optimism. At least we have a lot of time to contemplate great plot twists in our fictional worlds. I'm not sure how they can out-pace reality, but I can try.