Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dangerous Thoughts

Writers write.  Duh.  Mostly at home, or coffee shops, or what-have-you.  Mostly unsupervised by anyone else.  Anyone else who would say "stop that.  You're eating too much.  Go take a walk, you lazy slob!  Hemingway stood up to write, you know!?"

Wah hoo!  That's what is so cool about it.  But seriously, my behind is going to get huge if I'm not careful.
Have you SEEN these things? 

They are my kryptonite.  Seriously.  I could lie on the floor and eat these all day while pretending to think up ideas for my next book.


  1. Thanks for your warning. I'm going to pretend they're legal meth and never try them. The Kit Kat minis did me in this past month.

  2. I know, right!? They are awful. And yet.... stay away. Don't fall like I did!!