Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cover Tease 3: WOLF!!!!

My illustrator pointed out that I really wasn't showing you much with my little teases.  It's been really hard to show you any of the major points of the gorgeous cover to my book because I want the "BIG REVEAL" on Friday to be really exciting.

I'm terrible at teasing.  I really just want to show you the whole thing.

So today, I'm going to give you something significant.  A wolf.  This wolf is also a ghost.  And maybe a little bit of a vampiric creature.  This is one of the SERIOUSLY bad guys in my novel.  I love the way Lawrence made it look ghosty but also wolfish.

How do wolves figure in? you may be asking.

MURDER. Ghosts.  Wolves.  Magic.  Scary ghosts that make you want to hide under the covers.  Love. Sweetness.  The sights and sounds of San Antonio.  A goddess and a special "trickster" figure.

A couple of my readers have said that maybe we could have a sequel to this book because of some of the elements at the end.  I love a good ambiguous ending so we kind of have a little of that.  And there were several characters whose back stories didn't quite fit the main story line.  It may be that eventually we go with a collection of short stories that explain some of those.  It would be fun to revisit a few of my ghosts, and maybe a few we didn't get to meet.  San Antonio does have this creepy haunted insane asylum. . . .we might just have to go visit it one of these days.

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