Thursday, December 18, 2014

This is the way the world ends

I'm writing this novel about the apocalypse. Not THE apocalypse. An apocalypse.

Something pretty fun is that I've made a playlist on Spotify for listening pleasure while writing. It's a great list.

Check it out  in the little widget over there. 

My corner of the apocalypse is Louisiana, specifically New Orleans & Shreveport. But people who have visited New Orleans but live elsewhere will also be a part of the fun. There's a "word counter" of my progress on the novel over on the right-hand side of the blog-- right over there.  As I write this, I'm about 23% done with it, and my deadline is late January. Gotta get moving. Today's writing went pretty well, but a little slow. I'm about to get stuff moving though. Oh yes. The next writing session should be pretty fantastic. I hope. I might go write a little bit before the after five hours today. We'll see.

In my book, there are going to be elements of Hoodoo-- black root magic which is related to but not exactly Voudou. I'm trying to work the more mundane, less religious elements of black root magic which is very Southern, very Louisiana, into the novel respectfully, since I've studied the religion pretty extensively, and don't want to do the typical "let's just mash up everything and pretend all Voudou consists of is a great big party and people dancing to drums" thing a lot of writers do. I've got Tarot, magic charms, a long quest through the city, and Zombi. Notice I don't spell it zombies... these are very different from the George Romero, let's go to the mall and get someone to eat kinds of zombies.

Anyway-- I don't want to give it all away except to say that it's going to get Weird up in here. Already has, a lot. You know that old poem "Not with a bang but with a whimper"?  My world is going to end with a bit of both. I can't wait to show it to you all. Or, as they would say in NOLA, "all y'all."

Laissez le End Times Roulez, y'all. 

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