Sunday, December 28, 2014

Poor New Orleans

More writing over the Christmas break on the current book, which is an apocalypse in New Orleans (and a little bit in Shreveport.)

I wrote some pretty nifty things on the drive back & forth between home & Texas this week. Husband drove and I wrote on the laptop. One of the days was frustrating because I didn't have wi-fi and couldn't research the city area I was writing about. I had maps, but they weren't nearly as helpful as a live Google Map.

Yesterday, I was talking about one of my plot plans with my hubs, and I mentioned something I might do with my crazy apocalyptic New Orleans landscape. I've already done some horrible things to the city, which I truly love, and which is one of my favorite ever places. I feel kind of bad about that.  (Not really. It's so much fun!) There might be some of NOLA's famous trolleys involved. Ooh, and a fun fact I learned: Canal Street, one of the most recognizable, famous landmarks of the French Quarter, was at one time meant to be an actual canal. When the plans fell through, they kept the name. I had no idea! It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun for my story... although I can think of some ways I could have made it work. (Evil Author Grin.)

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