Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top 10 Things I learned today! Autographed books edition

  1. When you're doing autographs for your book, it might sound like a great idea to do it with blue, fancy sharpie ink. But then, if you write big like I do, you'll scrawl all across the page and run out of paper. Oops. 
  2. Plan ahead for that sort of thing. Also, probably order more copies of the book soon. Because I can think of several people that I owe one to and I only have 5 copies left now. I might have done the math wrong. (That's such a shock that I stink at math.) 
  3. It's kind of fun to have a cute little drawing to include with your autograph. I won't give any spoilers, but it might be something in the insect community. 
  4. Oh, wait, are butterflies insects? 
  5. Darn. That was a spoiler. Forget I said that. 
  6. Padded envelopes at the UPS store are probably more expensive than you need. Figure out that system Hugh Howey uses and do that. He's good at that kind of thing. 
  7. The girl behind the counter will appreciate it when you don't take a picture of her completing your order. Even though she did have great eyeshadow and would have looked really fun. But self-control is a measure of virtuousness. And greatness. So do that, instead.  
  8. Make sure to have business cards so you can send the girl to buy your book later. I did well on that one. Check.  
  9. It feels really amazing that people want your autograph.
  10. This writing thing is kinda cool. (But I kinda knew that already.) 

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