Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hard-to-write scenes

So yesterday I was hanging out with the Zen Bear from my blog post yesterday, drinking hot green tea with honey (of course) and I was telling Zen Bear about the scene I need to write today in my novel. It's a hard scene to write. I know what I want to do with it and it's going to be COOL.

That's the problem with really cool scenes. You know what you need but before you write it, it's still up there in the head, being all cool. And if you put it down on words and the words are wrong, you limit it and change its potential. You turn it into something that really exists in the world other than your imagination.

And man, that's a lot of pressure. So I find myself dawdling. Lollygagging, if you will. I write a few words of description here and there. Go back and re-do a scene I already did, add some details. Check my CreateSpace folder to see if they've finally cleared my printed cover art for Mariposa.  Do a little Facebooking.

Research! Yeah! It needs more research!!

And that's when Zen Bear comes in with a cup of hot green tea (he didn't put any honey in it though. Said we were all out. Hmmm.)

And says: JUST DO IT. Write the scene. Go. Now. Stop blogging and get it done. You can rewrite it if it's not perfect, but you can't rewrite zero.

Sigh. He's so wise. Thanks, Zen Bear. I'm going. Right after I answer this Instant Message....


  1. I've been delaying some hard stuff for several months. Need to get all Nike with it and Just Do It

  2. Exactly. It won't write itself. You can fix messed up... I did the scene, at least a first draft of it, today. It's probably going to need some more work, but at least it's there.