Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meg's butterfly ring

So in Mariposa, there's a really special ring. I describe it like this:
It was not a big diamond solitaire. It was this yellow and white golden butterfly with raised wings, looking like it was basking in the sun. A scattering of rubies danced up each wings side, interlaced with diamonds and yellow sapphires. It was amazing. It was totally different, and exactly the kind of thing I would wear.
Some readers have wondered if that's a ring I own, or if I just made it up. It's not a ring I own. It wasn't a super fancy, super expensive one, but you can't seem to find it for sale on the Internet anywhere anymore. All the links I find lead to dead pages, or a store that doesn't seem to be selling it. Which is sad. I knew I should have bought it back when I first spotted it, when I was writing that part of the book.

I think it would be fun to own it.

Anyway, I'll post a picture. It was designed by a jewelry designer named Leon Popov, and it was called "The Color of Nature." It apparently used to sell for about 3100.00. Which, for a ring of that sort, isn't too expensive. If anyone ever sees it, let me know.

If you've read Mariposa, does this look like what you imagined at all?

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