Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The White Dragon

My friend Stefan's Apocalypse Weird book launched today! It's called Genesis, If you've already read Hoodoopocalypse, you met his main character very briefly in an Easter Egg in my novel. She's a really cool, strong hero and Stefan is a super cool guy. His launch party is going on tonight here and I will be there at least for a little while before family duties are going to possibly call me away. But launch parties are pretty fun ways to hang out on FB and chat with other authors & fans and win cool swaggy stuff. In fact, the main purpose of this blog post is to list a giveaway where you can win a few cool things from me.

There's a nice description of the plot of the novel here, on Stefan's blog, too, and it actually includes him reading a bit of the book. Seriously, it's worth a listen. There's also a fun interview with him over here at the Chimeras blog.

So go do your homework and read up, and go hang out at the launch party and win some stuff. Oh, and log in below to win one of 5 free copies of Hoodoopocalypse. Cause I'm feeling generous.  (Contests Over).

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