Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So recently I finally got my hubs to read Mariposa.  In all the years I spent writing the story, I had read him a few scenes here or there and also we discussed what I was doing. He had a hand in several directions the story went.

But now he's gotten inspired by the story to write. I'm in the middle of writing Orpheus & the Butterfly, the story of what happened to the guys (Tony, Demetrio, Omar, and a few others) during the events of Mariposa. I'm about halfway through the writing now and I have plans for where it's going that are pretty strong.

But Andrew hated a scene I wrote that included some boxing, and since he is a boxer, he said he would "write a little something" to help me out.

Well, a week or so later, he's still writing. And writing. And writing. Honestly, he's written way more lately than I have. I feel a little hijacked, to be perfectly honest-- it's not a bad thing, and I don't mean it to sound bitchy. But he's kind of going to end up with a co-writer credit of sorts for this story because I am actually going to work some of that stuff into my story too. And I don't know if our family can truly survive with two writers in the house.

But it's honestly all good. I do like some of the places his writing is going, and it will be cool to work it into my stuff.

But sheesh. Co-writers. Who knew!?

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