Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Hoodoopocalypse is Coming Tuesday!

Today I launch both my cover art (which is to. die. for) and my promotional video for the book, which I hope will be book one of the Hoodoo series of the Apocalypse Weird project (follow that link down the rabbit hole for more info). I already have a fan interested in writing some fan fiction in my world, too, which, by the way, feels amazing. Someone is fan enough that I might already have FAN FICTION of MY world. (stops to un-blow mind.)

This has been a very wild ride. The collaborative project launched two weeks ago with the first five books from my friends, and I've been talking about them for months, and their books are doing great on amazon. I can't wait to join them, and the book should be ready for pre-order sometime this weekend.

It's all been a great collaborative team, and the parties in the staff lounge can get pretty wild. Our "writhing tentacles from other dimensions" cleanup bill is really huge, and housekeeping is always threatening to quit.

There is one guy we don't like to talk about in the breakroom, cause he hears us and the last time he overheard someone talking about him, they woke up in Carson City naked in a bathtub full of gummi bears, an empty bottle of cheap gin next to them, and written in lipstick on the wall next to them "Dial 477 for a good time." The therapy bills for that one are still keeping the company in the red, let me tell you.

But Doctor Midnite said I could tell you a little bit about my book. We are, after all, revealing the truths, the dark underbelly of the world that's coming soon.

And so, here without further adieu, is my book trailer:

and my cover art, which so help me will make my brain just shut down right here on this sunny sneaux day in Shreveport.

This cover art was done by Mike Corley, and he's been doing the art for the whole group of authors. I have to say I love mine the best (of course I do, why wouldn't I?) But oh wow. Everyone so far has mostly picked the "Hero pose" of their characters looking strong and ready for action. But me, I am a little contrary, and wanted to pick "bad guy pose."

This is Kalfu, the demon of Possession, and the main Big Bad of my book. He is the "evil twin" of Papa Legba, the Voodoo loa of doorways and crossing over. But Kalfu is some bad juju-- he is a bokor, or black magician, and he really gets things moving in New Orleans and Shreveport (my home town), in the Apocalyptic direction we all love to read about. And yes, that is my beloved French Quarter. And he is doing terrible things to it.

My story is a little different from the first five in that there's a lot more magic, a lot less realistic sciencey bits. My apocalypse moves into dimensions that cross between a lot of different boundaries. And I really can't wait until the rest of y'all can follow me there. Next week!

Laissez le End Times Roulez! Y'all. 

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