Thursday, February 12, 2015

the Hoodoopocalypse is coming

So my novel, Hoodoopocalypse, set in New Orleans & Shreveport, is set to launch in less than a month now! EEK! The deadlines & artwork & edits are in the works. That means a lot of it is currently out of my hands.

It's such a neat story. Beta readers have loved it, and I'm really excited about sharing it with a wider audience. This picture isn't the cover art, just something fun I kicked together for my FB banner. But I really love my sad little voodoo doll.

About Hoodoopocalypse
Kalfu, the ultimate evil-twin and Voodoo Loa of the afterworld and crossroads kicks off his plans for possession of the Southern Mississippi corridor.  Dark half of Papa Legba, Kalfu sets off events that cripple New Orleans, tries to take control of the over 9 million visitors to the Big Easy a year, and seeds his Hoodoo mafia, the Guédé, across Louisiana and the world. If the fire, category HUGE hurricane spawned by magical means, and roving mobs of mayhem-inducing zombi astrals don’t get you, the angry goddess and nuclear meltdown might. Laissez the End Times Roulez, y’all. The Apocalypse just came to the South.

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