Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

I've been working with Mike Corley, the awesome artist who has done the art for so many great indie books, on the cover art for Hoodoopocalypse, and who is doing the art for the Apocalypse Weird project I'm a part of. Let me drop this small hint: it's gonna blow you away. It's amazing, and I can't wait to see it in full color (that's the last thing that is in the works). The black and white version I've already seen is just too, too cool. The "Big Five" launch that happened last week, and the Red King cover, are all in the video, below, and mine is similar, but different. A lot of the other authors have picked what's called "hero pose" and I picked "bad guy pose." Y'all just wait!! OOOOh!

My book takes place in Shreveport a little, but the main action is in New Orleans. So in discussing the cover with Mike, of course I had to include the French Quarter, and magic, and Hoodoo. Hoodoo is the "Southern U.S., homegrown" version of Voodoo, with a little less of the religious practice that the more properly Haitian brand has. Root work, folk magic, etc, are all a big part of the story, and there is this amazing Hoodoo shop that people will forever be looking for when they go to New Orleans now.... but you'll have to wait til March 10 to get more details of that. Or, sign up for my newsletter and get ARCs of it very, very soon. See that little box up above this blog post that says "Mailing List"? There you'll get the Hoodoopocalypse delivered for free right to your email before it's available on Amazon. I'll also send future deals, freebies, etc. I don't over-mail, so I promise you're not gonna hear from me every day. But it's a great place to make sure you hear my news, because the old "Book of Face" often filters things it deems to be "business" and they get lost from your news feed.

Anyway. Long story short (too late) this cover is going to rock your socks off. (I know it's knock your socks, but this one is so rock n roll you just have to go with me on the shift. Besides. I have a poetic license.)

Oh, and also, check out the interview on my friend Elena's blog Chimeras, about one of the AW founders Rob McClellan. And check out my past interview with T.J. Redig, and wait til next week when I do another one related to the Apocalypse Weird project. (And also-- I'm such a fangirl I squeeee'd when I saw I was near Kameron Hurley on the podcast!)

GO forth, friends, and wait til next week when ARCs are ready and cover art will be revealed. (Also I'm annoyed I lost half of this content & had to rewrite it cause of some weird glitch... computer gremlins-- begone!)

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