Thursday, November 16, 2023

Things I Have Done Today Besides The Work I Should Really Be Doing

  1. Create sample Mentor Text PowerPoints for a student project. 
  2. Chat with fabulous co-workers about upcoming department issues.
  3. Re-register my child for a different class in the Spring after hearing the previous class would not do. For reasons.  
  4. Go chat with my club mentees and admire their recent remodeling of the club meeting room. 
  5. Re-read all of my currently read work emails. 
  6. Walk over to the cafeteria to get milk for a coffee. Said milk was almost 4.00
  7. Complain about said milk being almost 4.00 when I could have bought a gallon for that price.
  8. I forget what eight was for. 
  9. Make a coffee/mocha. 
  10. Drink the coffee/mocha. 
  11. Briefly contemplate dusting my office, but that fits the "work I should be doing" category so... nah. 
  12. Change the October calendar to November (checks date) 16 days late. 
  13. Think about ADHD. 
  14. Send an email to my boss about how cold it is in this building. 
  15. Think about going out to my car to get a warmer sweater. 
  16. Fail to go out to my car to get a warmer sweater. 
  17. Daydream about course syllabuses for the upcoming Spring semester. 
  18. Suddenly realize I COULD be actually working on a REALLY WORK project and hence put off "Work I Should Really Be Doing" for another while, but still be actually working. 
  19. Do a victory dance, then look for photos for reference in stock imagery collection where I have 100+ credits.
  20. Add one more thing to the list so it's an even number because I'm not a monster. Hit Publish. 

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