Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hide. Run. Fight.

Hide. Run. Fight. 

At first, they would giggle,
the lesson plan was over,
the lights were out, and
they were under the desk in a 

It was kinda fun to these 14 year olds.
I don't really know when it changed.

When we announced the drill,
they would swoop under the desk in the cool, dark, locked room,
and no noise would come from them.

Except hushed whispers. 
They knew. They knew they had to learn to be quiet. 
I used to struggle with the keys to my room. 
Had to go into the hall to lock the door. And it wouldn't

Once, admin had us read a "hide/run/fight" scenario to the kids. 
The thirteen year olds I had just taught
Romeo and Juliet
I cried the entire time and then pretended
it was just allergies
and then we discussed comma splices. 
Hide. Run. Fight. 

Have you ever sat in the dark
pretending to pretend
but imagining it being real?

Have you ever imagined it BEING REAL? 

Once, the school where I taught had a bullet found. 
In the hallway. 
It was probably a visitor, probably fell out of a pocket. 
We went on lockdown for hours. 
Searched backpacks. 

A week later, in a fire drill, a student hit the deck
when a balloon popped. 
He laughed it off, pretended 
he was making a joke.
But everyone knew. 

Don't tell me you care about life
when this is still okay. 

KAW 2022

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