Tuesday, September 8, 2015

100 Years (give or take)

Give or take a few, we've got around 100 years on this planet, this blue, impossibly beautiful, swirling living organism.

And guess what?

We're all here at about the same time.

Think about that. There was a long time before and aeons after we are sharing this space together. How incredibly special that relationship between all of us here, alive, right now. Right here, in this space, hurtling through infinity. We're all together. For better or worse, here we are.

Sometimes it's too easy (all the time it seems for some) to forget that. Someone is cruel, hurtful, or just cuts you off in traffic, says something mean to you. Or worse. I know people have it worse, far worse. It's so easy to forget how tiny, how short in the span of infinity, that trip we're all taking through the bright, warm, loud mead hall, sparrows flying through a confused moment and darkness on either side.

All of our differences, our petty and not so petty issues... in a 100 years, where will they be?

How lucky I feel to be here with you. You beautiful human life, you. 

Breathe deeply, love someone, create something, feel the sun on your face today. Won't you? We're here. Now. All of us. 

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