Friday, June 5, 2015

Googly Eyes

WHY am I putting this picture on here? I hate it! 
So I just read this blog where a super funny Geraldine (LastNameRedacted) discussed how she tormented her husband by sticking googly eyes all over everything. The appliances were sad, the tissue box was enduring agonizing pain but willing to sacrafice for her beloved husband, and I laughed til tears squeezed out of the corners of my eyes....

I thought "I need to do this. My kids would love it."

And the next thought was: "I'll bet I can get those googly eyes on Amazon!"

So I googled it (there are a lot of google words in this post.)

Suddenly, I found I had triggered the sheer horror of my phobia of tiny holes in things as this image was staring back at me.

NO! Don't google what it's called. You can't unsee some things. You'll thank me for not knowing. There's a reason why Pandora is considered a bad story... you open up a simple box and you end up letting things out into the world and forever and ever until you end up being the name of an Internet radio station. (And seriously: until I just mentioned it, the connection between Pandora and PANDORA had never occurred to me before. Boy, that PhD was totally worth the money cause I reading comprehend like a real champion!!) 

Luckily Boz Scaggs is playing on my Pandora station right now and things are getting better. I also have wine in the other room chilling for later, and company coming over.

And I think I'm going to take a deep breath and go order some of those googley eyes and start planning the notes. My refrigerator has seen angst like nobody's business.


  1. I so want to google the name of the fear for tiny holes in things now...but I won't.

  2. Seriously. I thought it was funny cause a FB friend posted something about it and I thought "well that's a stupid phobia." So I googled it and now I have it. :P And every time I google the name of it (which I forget on a regular basis) I see those pictures again. It causes that kind of dread you get in your stomach when you're sitting on a roller coaster, about to start moving.... ugh.