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Available now! Hoodoopocalypse

Kalfu, the ultimate evil-twin and Voodoo Loa of the afterworld and crossroads kicks off his plans for possession of the Southern Mississippi corridor.  Dark half of Papa Legba, Kalfu sets off events that cripple New Orleans, tries to take control of the over 9 million visitors to the Big Easy a year, and seeds his Hoodoo mafia, the Guédé, across Louisiana and the world. If the fire, category HUGE hurricane spawned by magical means, and roving mobs of mayhem-inducing zombie astrals don’t get you, the angry goddess and nuclear meltdown might. Laissez the End Times Roulez, y’all. The Apocalypse just came to the South. Part of the Apocalypse Weird indie collaborative universe.

The Five star reviews are rolling in! Will Swardstrom writes:
"regional supernatural forces [are] on display like no one's business. Kim Wells knows her voodoo, and it shows.

There was a ton going on in this book between major foreshadowing in tarot readings, bloody school pick-up lines, floods, fires, and winner-take-all fights at the Super Dome. New Orleans is on display more so in this book than any of the other locations in the AW book, showing Wells intricate knowledge of the town."

Available now! Mariposa: A Love Story

"On the day I died, I was wearing a great outfit. This is important for you to know because it turns out that your default look for eternity as a ghost is what you're wearing when you die. I mean, seriously. Who knew? If I’d have known that, I wouldn't have risked any days in mediocre clothes. In that respect, I was lucky I was on a date when I was killed, but of course, if I hadn't been on a date, on that date, maybe things would have turned out differently."  Buy it today on Kindle or Print or get a signed copy

           --excerpted from the novel.

Murdered, then trapped between worlds as a ghost, Meg is surrounded by other lost souls, some seeking to make peace with their past, while others… others fear a killer in the netherworld, who feeds on what ghosts most treasure: memories. As the killer grows stronger, he begins to threaten both the dead and the living, including Meg’s grieving step daughter.

Now a dead woman must fight the battle of her life, for the sake of her friends and family, and find out for herself if love can indeed be stronger than death.

Mrs. Johnson's Blues

A story internationally best-selling author Daniel Smith called "the kick start your creative heart kinda story - the kind that energizes the mind and incites the create process" and Amazon reviewer Kat called "a tale that could also be told fireside on a dark night in a cabin in the woods."


My short story, "Sisters of Solomon" appears in the amazing anthology Tales From Pennsylvania,  inspired by the 'verse of Michael Bunker's Pennsylvania. It will eventually appear as a standalone, and is the preview for a longer novel in the same setting.

January 6, January 6, 2021

I can hear the rain on the roof. A year’s worth of rain, it feels like. I can’t even say how long it’s really been. The family that has been taking care of me, the Hochstetlers, they bring me food, mostly soup, and take it away when I didn’t eat. I haven’t cooked anything in my own kitchen in ages. But I don’t remember much rain before today. I just remember our home, so quiet. When any of the Hochstetlers come to the door, they rap gently, leave the trays. Sometimes I go to get the food, the urges of life pulling me from this bed, turned sour with my tears, sad sweat of being alone. I don’t always want to, but I know you would frown at me for quitting.
Part of me wants the rain to make me feel something, but the other part, the part you took with you, just feels . . . empty.
I keep thinking of this part of the Song of Solomon. It seems so long ago, really.  I can’t even say how long it has been since that day you left. .......