Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Goin' up to Memphis

Like a bitter weed, I'm a bad seed
But when that levee's through and I am too
Let the honky tonk roll on
Come mornin' I'll be gone
I'm goin' to Memphis, yeah Memphis....
~Johnny Cash

by 5@CDickerson

This summer, the family & I are planning a trip up river. Up the Mississippi river, to be exact. Part of it is research for my sequel to my Apocalypse novel Memphis King  (due sometime this Fall) where we might even get to meet THE King (oh, forget the might-- you'll totally have more than a cameo from our favorite King). 

We're going to pop over to the Mississippi Delta to meet up with a dear old friend, then up to Memphis, then we're planning to ride the City of New Orleans train all the way up to Chicago & back to Memphis. It'll take us about a week, I think.

So the point of this blog post (and subsequent Facebook & Twitter posts) is to ask anyone following me who know:  what would you do, see, be sure NOT to miss along that path? Any tips? Places to be? Share away with me in the comments &/or any means you like... I need to know.

We plan to visit Graceland and take the VIP tour because DUH. In spite of some warnings that the neighborhood isn't great, we'll probably stay at the Heartbreak Hotel anyway. So those are covered. The trip up to Memphis from Shreveport will be car, then there's the train, and then Chicago city time. So-- give me your best shot, Internet.

Oh, and speaking of Apocalypse Weird, the first three of my friend's novels are on sale this week for only 99c, across all platforms. So if you've been waiting to try them out, now is totally the time! 

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