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D.K. Cassidy, author of Spilt Milk and Curious Reality writes: "once I started sharing the trailer for Spilt Milk, sales increased. I think readers really like the trailers."

I design custom book trailers for Indie & Self-published authors, artists, photographers, editors, etc. Even if you're "trad pub" but want to create your own promo, as long as you have the rights to your art, I will help you create a cool promo video!

Base cost for a single HD video you can load to your Amazon author page, your own YouTube, or share with friends/fans is 75.00.
 And yes, discounts are available for friends, repeat customers, and for referrals.

All you need is good cover art, some good blurb-writing on your part, and perhaps a few customer reviews. If you want, I can add some stock photography to fill out your trailer, as well as interior art, and a custom designed "sale" flyer with your author platforms on it (which you will get a copy of for your use in other forums).

Non-base prices depend on the level of preparation an author needs, as well as how many stock images or video you might want to add. Those will be discussed, purchased, and licensed from a company like Dreamstime or Istockphoto. We can also get custom music from sources like that, as well as Creative Commons or commercial use songs. Those will be paid by the video at cost. Whatever cover art or other art you as creator want to add will be added.

Once we agree on a video style/music/layout, one hard edit will be available before extra fees are added. You will provide any book reviews, blurbs, or text you want in the video. Links to your sales page, website, etc, are added.

You can load your video to my YouTube page and link to it there or I can give you an MP4 that you can load yourself, and not add to my page (this is for folks who want to keep their video on their own YouTube page and not in a portfolio.) You will also receive a HD MP4 that you can upload to your amazon author page. I will help you load your video to your goodreads page, as well, if you need that service.  More of our portfolio videos are available on YouTube or on our Facebook page.

Sample videos:

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